Mesmerizing Effect

Whenever I do a drawing with 32 or more lines of symmetry, I find myself falling into a strange hypnotic state as my eyes move over the paper.  It’s as if the geometries represented by the actions of my pen are reaching through to capture my attention.

I started this piece, “Endless Center,” as an exploration into the middle of a kaleidoscopic visual, a fractal continually blossoming from its center. It was important for me to have a highly detailed outer rim because that suggests a center densely packed with geometries yet to be revealed.

And here’s the final piece, “Endless Center”.  It took about three weeks to draw.

“Folk Imprint” Now Available

I’m pleased to announce that my piece, “Folk Imprint” is now available as a print in the gallery.  This is one of my favorite pieces to date as it incorporates almost all the techniques I’ve developed in previous mandalas.  It’s the second drawing I’ve completed with a shifting symmetry design.  As you can see, the outer ring has 64-points, but the inner ring has 4 points.  Depending on the distance from the center, there are variously 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 lines of symmetry.  Click here to see the scanned version (rather than seeing it from the angled view below).

Folk Imprint (Ink 2017)

Prints of Rose Helianth Available

The art reproduction company has finished scanning mymost time intensive piece to date, Rose Helianth. Prints are now available! 

Rose Helianth, a 16-point star without symmetry inspired by roses and sun flowers.

I started it before my trip out east earlier this summer, and I finished it a few weeks after the trip.  It took a long time, in part, because of how large it is (24×30 inches) and also because and the elements are quite small and detailed.

If you missed the drawing in progress, check out these previous posts showing the drawing in the various stages of completion.

Rose Helianth – first blog post

Rose Helianth – second blog post

Rose Helianth – third blog post

Jubilee Year

This mandala came out looking quite differently than the other ones I’ve drawn.  It’s dedicated in thought to the cycle of life through the illusion of time.

There are 32 symmetries to it.  It’s done with pencil line guides, an ink basic outline layer, and then I fill in each element.

Here it is, the final product, hanging on my wall…

Rose Helianth Is Finished

Okay folks, it’s finally done! Rose Helianth is finished after about 65 hours of drawing and shading.

Rose Helianth

I visited the reproduction company yesterday, and it’ll be available in the gallery shop as a print in a few days. We’ll be printing it on 24″x30″ photographic rag (100% cotton paper).

I used four colors plus black (Copic and Pigma archival quality inks). All the elements are built from black triangles or boxes. I don’t know exactly how many elements there are, but im guessing several thousand.

Here are a couple detail shots…

Here it is on my wall…

Watch This Mandala Develop

Rose Helianth is the behemoth I’ve spent the most time drawing this month. This drawing is larger than any piece I’ve done in ink, and it’s been challenging. My neck and hand hurt a bit from the 20 hour blitz (over three days).

I took a picture once every couple hours.

I’ve still got another ten hours or so, and I’ll be glad to introduce it to the gallery shop  in the coming weeks.

Drawing on Vacation

imageHi there, thanks for dropping by and checking out the latest of my work. As a thanks to the family with whom I stayed on vacation, I drew and gifted a full color 16-axis symmetrical mandala.

imageAfter Full Color Press, I was feeling more confident about using a broader color palette, and as you can see, I started this one with six colors plus black. The outer elements looked awkward to me at first, but as it often happens in process oriented art, as I continued, the drawing came together nicely.


As a result of all my practice, I was able to spend much less time on each element of the drawing. This one took just under 50 hours to finish.



A quick trip to the art store, and I was able to find a standard size mat and frame for under $40.


Rose Helianth (In Progress)

Here’s my latest piece, “Rose Helianth”. It’s the second large format piece I’ve done with no symmetry.  Well, there is some symmetry at the moment.  You can see, the structure underneath is a set of nested diamonds. As I begin filling them in, that symmetry becomes much less apparent.

Here’s the progress at 6 hours.
15 hours in progress on the Rose Helianth.